Ensemble of tradicional dances and songs


Gevgelija - Macedonia


This traditional folk dance is inspired from tinsmith craft. In the past tinsmith craft was widely spread all over Macedonia, especially in the city of Veles, from where the basic moves of the dance originate. Through joyful, rhythmical and dynamic moves the authors present the elements of the tinsmith craft.


This traditional folk dance through various dramatic elements representns the battle between the “Komiti” (macedonian freedom fighters) and the soldiers of the Turkish army. The traditional dance “Komitsko” is based on original steps. Komitsko is performed with nine dancers altogether with the “Vojvoda” (Duke-the leader of the komiti) and a group of women which have only smart part in the dance.

Porechki igri

Stylized female dance inspired from the rich folklore tradition from Poreche region. The traditional dance Porecki igri is inspired from Christian holiday Ester. The second day of Easter is celebrated with numerous dances, performed by women, and in this particular one includes the dances “Kalen broj malen broj” and” Vili Samovili” in stylized form.

Planino Pirin

Bukite i posednica