Ensemble of tradicional dances and songs


Gevgelija - Macedonia

Southeast Region of the Republic of Macedonia is the source where the people always knew to draw inspiration in their work. The richness of customs, wisdom and folk dances are part of everyday life of the people living in these settlements.
Over the years the population would gather on holidays, celebrations and sad events to pass from mouth to mouth, hand to hand, step by step what they have created as a kind of creative result. This creates the folklore of a nation, but also create and folk groups that have the only purpose - to preserve what with centuries was invented and worked.
One of the many with their original approach to the presentation of the national folklore is the ensemble of traditional dances and songs "Bojmija". Founded in 2004 by a group of young enthusiasts and lovers of folklore.
Ensemble's name is according Bojmija ethnic area, which includes landscape and Gevgelija valley, that it is in Upper area "Bojmija" . In 2005 the ensemble "Bojmija" is officially registered as a civic association.
The ensemble "Bojmija" comprised members from various ages. "Bojmija" has about 130 active members working in three groups divided according their age. Repertoire in "Bojmija" is versatile, with songs and dances from all over Macedonia. Dances and songs are performed in authentic costumes from their original region. Ensemble "Bojmija" despite national costumes and instruments owns orchestra which is part of all performance at home and abroad.
Future plans are to enrich the ensemble with more costumes and the establishment of a vocal group and orchestra of folk instruments. President of the ensemble Bojmija is Igor Ilievski and artistic directors are Dimitar Delev and Miovski Nikola, secretary of ensemble is Risto Atanasovski.