Ensemble of tradicional dances and songs


Gevgelija - Macedonia

Sred Selo

Stylized traditional dance, performed by male and female dancers. The dancers are wearing traditional costumes from the region of Skopska Blatija. This traditional dance comprises different traditional songs as: “Ova e selo”, “Siten kamen do kamena”, “Snoshti te prativ na voda kerko”,” Shto sobor mi se sobralo”.


Stage adaptation of traditional dance from the regions of Skopje: Skopska Blatija and Skopska Crna Gora. This mixed male and female dance is performed in traditional costumes from Skopska Blatija. This dance presents the joy and the dynamism of the people at the village gatherings from this region.


Traditional mixed dance with traditional costumes from the region of Kichevo. This traditional dance comprises: Svekrvino (female dance), Malesora (male dance), cetvorka, Krstacka and cong “Angelino mome”.


The richness of the folklore elements from the region of “Maleshevo” inspired the authors of this traditional dance that also includes elements of another traditional dances such as: “Berovka”, “Ispajce”,” Pantevo”, “Malesevka”, and the song “Jano tenka Maleshevko”. This dance Maleshevka renders the courting and is performed in traditional costumes from the region of Maleshevo.


Stylized folk dance for both male and female dancers, which originates from the villages of Zegliovo and Sredorek, from the western part of the region of Slavishte. It is composed in two parts. The first part is solo performance of a female dancer and two male dancers, who through mimics and dramatic dancing render the courtship, and the second part is consisted of a dance for the whole ensemble.

Prespanski igri

Traditional dance performed by male and female dancers in costumes from the region of Prespa . The dance, is comprised of elements taken from different male and female traditional dances from region of Prespa. It also includes dancing pairs.

Pirinsko Proletno cveke

Both male and female stylized traditional dance inspired by folklore elements from the region of Razloshko. This traditional dance is characterized with dynamic movements and specific performing style.

Dva tanca

This choreography originates from the region of Sveti Nikole and Radovis. In this choreography included the following dances: Dva Tanca, Klekisha, Stara Sopka. Atmosphere in the dance is improved with new instruments added in later arrangements.


The basic steps for this male dance are taken from the traditional folk dance Arnaut, but today it is performed in a stylized form.


This stylized ritual dance with narrative character is based on well known legend from the villages of Gevgelija and Strumica. The legends says that if Rusalii groups from different villages would encounter, they start a fight until the weaker group withdraws, but often these fights ended with someone being killed. “Rusalii” dance set which “Tanec” performs is stylized for two male dancing groups and is made of elements from two traditional dances:”Sechi Mome” and “Kara Jusuf”.