Ensemble of tradicional dances and songs


Gevgelija - Macedonia

The repertoire of "Bojmija" encountered songs and dances from all regions of Macedonia, so the rich cultural heritage present in the country and abroad. So far, members with their performances have participated in many international festivals:

2006 - Burdur - Turkey;
2007 Marina di Massa and Kampordzhijano - Italy;
2008 New Ore - Poland;
2009. Norma - Italy;
2010 Zonguldak - Turkey;
2011 Volbrum - Poland;
2012 Haselt and Voselar-Belgium.
2013 France
2014 Bursa - Turkey
Also the ensemble "Bojmija" has achieved more cultural exchanges and co-operate with other folk ensembles from Trstenik - Serbia; Indjija-Serbia; Dobanovce (Belgrade) - Serbia; Khach (Novi Sad) -Srbija; Jablanica-Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brcko Bosnia-Herzegovina; Ludbreg-Croatia.
In the other neighboring countries "Bojmija" had participated in Sevlievo - Bulgaria and Arhangelos and Kilkis in Greece, where they participated in the Festival of cherries. Arhangelos performance in Greece was part of the UNDP. As part of this project was recorded audio CD of the performance, and was also issued a book.
Bojmija had participated in local festivals such as "Dance Without Borders" Skopje; Festival of Makedonski Brod-chestnuts; From flower to flower with song and dance Skopje and has performed at various events in Gevgelija and the environment. The ensemble regularly organizes evening concerts. In 2011 the ensemble "Bojmija" became a member of the Association of Macedonian folklore ensembles "SOFAM" and took part in the regional and state reviews that are organized by "SOFAM".